Note from Founder

During the last 20 years I have been working in the United States introducing fashion and beauty brands from around the world, you may be familiar with some of them: Desigual, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Lipsy, Rituals, Parfois, Lottusse, Strenesse or Tara Jarmon are just some examples.
Although we were able to find different distribution channels for all of them, it was a surprise for me not finding a single retail expert offering to the US consumers the best selection of fashion and beauty from other countries.
This is why HiO was born, to fill this void in our industry, and by doing that accomplishing two important roles:
From the consumer point of view: HiO offers a unique retail experience as a discovery destination, where you can find relevant brands you have never seen before. From the brands perspective: we should be the first step in their way of expanding in North America.
Our brand network is almost unlimited, right now we are evaluating over 65 potential candidates to join HiO, this is why we highly recommend for you to visit us often, you may discover something new every time.
Last but not least I would like to talk about our ‘HiO fans’: since we were born the list of supporters has been growing, showing us that HiO is needed in the Retail Ecosystem. The North American consumer want and need new brands and products, our shopping areas must be more diverse and dynamic, for this reason our store will have an important role on the retail industry now and in the future.
Please join us in this amazing journey, we would like to continue building a larger community of ‘HiO fans’, let us know if we are missing anything or if we should bring a brand you discovered and it is not yet here,
Thanks for exploring HiO
Sever Garcia
HiO Co-founder

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